16 September 2016

Repost - Video - How to Install a Slide Clasp on a Purse

My apologies to those who've seen this post before. However, Blogger messed with the original and the video (the whole point of the post) was deleted. So I am reposting the article. 

I know when I was trying to work it out, it was a bit tricky installing (?) the slide clasp on the purse. I went looking and there was no YouTube video? The horror. So I  made one. It's my first go, so be kind. I hope it helps.

12 September 2016

Japanese Yarn Dyed Boro Pin Cushion

Another kit, this time from Indigo Niche. Took no time at all to work up. I did this one with the white thread supplied. Might make another one using the verigated thread so it matches everything else.

8 September 2016

Japanese Yarn Dyed Panelled Pouch

Another one from the recent past. I fell in love with this pouch the moment I saw it at the BeBe Bold stand at the Sydney Craft Show a few years back. It took me a couple more shows before I weakened and bought the pattern and a kit of fabric to make it. It then took another couple of years for me to get around to finally making it. It was alot easier to make than I thought it would be. Actually a very easy pattern.

I even lined up the cat heads!!

5 September 2016

Japanese Yarn Dye Binding Kit

I'm usually not one for making sewing accessories. I find the sewing too fiddly and if it doesn't look perfect I get annoyed. But I really liked the look of a little binding kit that did the rounds a while back. I finally got around to making it about two months ago and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The tutorial for the Goody Goody Binding Kit over at Lella Boutique is very easy to follow and very easy to make.

I used some hexies I already had to add a bit of decoration to the front panel.

There are three sections, a zippered section to hold binding clips, a central section with thread and scissor holder and a third with a pocket (made with some more hexies).

2 September 2016

Video - How to Install a Slide Clasp on a Purse

I know when I was trying to work it out, it was a bit tricky installing (?) the slide clasp on the purse. I went looking and there was no YouTube video? The horror. So I  made one. It's my first go, so be kind. I hope it helps.

EDIT: My apologies to those who visited and the video wasn't on  the page. The video code was being deleted. But it should be below now.

30 August 2016

Boro Slide Clasp Purse Finished

There aren't really any in progress shots for this one. It was pretty quick and easy to make. I used a kit by Indigo Niche. I'm normally not a big fan of purses etc. But I really love the clasp on this one and the boro work for the body. Instead of the traditional white thread, I used a verigated crochet cotton. Again, I usually had verigated thread but I love it for boro work. I got the thread from BeBe Bold. If you are interested in just the slide clasp, you can get those from Studio Mio.

If you buy stuff from these guys and they ask, tell them I sent you, they might give me free stuff!!

If you've never seen a slide clasp in action, here is a quick video.

You may notice that I haven't posted for a while. I've been having real world issues which means I haven't been doing much craft work. I've been doing Uni (anyone in Australia, if your looking for a records or archives person, email me!!) so not much sewing time.

I hope to change that, at least I will post about what little I do.

7 March 2016

Hexie Swap

It's been a while since my last post. I got caught up doing Uni, then Christmas, job hunting, no lights for 3 months etc. Now Uni is back on!! But I've been doing a little bit of sewing. I've been involved in a hexie swap. We are swapping 1" hexies. It's been fun. I've learned that I don't really like glue basting even though it's quicker (once you get over the learning curve).

These are the hexies I've sent other people.

These are the ones I've received in return. Next time, I'm going to pick a specific colour instead of fabric ranges (I said Civil War, 1930's or brights). Too much of a mixed bag with the options I offered. Now I just have to decide on a colour!! I think maybe yellow. I want to do a yellow and white quilt. Yeah, yellow next time.

23 October 2015

Radio Silence!!

My apologies to everyone for the recent radio silence. It's a combination of loosing my job of 20 years and starting a new Uni course. My sewing time has been cut down to nothing between looking for work and studying. I have a couple of projects on the boil and will post something when there is some progress.

25 September 2015

Shaded Nine Patch Quilt Finished

This was the second project I started when I got back into quilting a couple of years back. It got as far as having the nine patches made and I was then distracted by other things. The last couple of months have been all about finishing off all my UFO's. This is the second last one. I just need to bind one more quilt and then I will have NO UFO's at all!!

This means I can now start working on new projects!! But they will be slow going as all my spare time is going into my new uni course.

All the posts about Shaded Nine Patch

8 September 2015

Left Over Log Cabin Finished

Another UFO bites the dust!! Only a couple more to go! I call this one Left Over Log Cabin because it is made up of the left over 1 1/2" strips I used for my Omigosh Redux quilt. I just kept cutting and ended up with way too many. I'd never made a Log Cabin quilt before, so I thought this would be a good use of the strips. I made may Pink and Grey Zig Zag log cabin at the same time.

I played around with the layout for a while and came up with this one. I like the old school look. This is my second quilt with a wool wadding. I think this will be a great lap quilt. I had it quilted with baptist fan by Kathy at KoolKat Quilting. She did a great job. The only issue, and this has NOTHING to do with the quality of the quilting, is that it is a bit closely quilted and as a result, stiff, for my taste. I wish I could've had it done on a large scale.